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MARTA station network to deploy Praevar digital displays

Atlanta, August 2023

Totally new Triptych configuration, 3 portrait displays, side by side, with one master media player driving the synchronized content.

The system roll-out is scheduled for completion in early 2024.

published: 25 Jun 2023


The launch of a new network of 170 Praevar displays will simplify maintenance and bring state of the art fully ADA-compliant display technology to the MARTA rail network in Atlanta, Georgia.

170 Praevar Placard VS 65” screens will be be deployed in free-standing and wall-mounted formats in multiple stations throughout the MARTA rail network in Atlanta. The space-saving slim format and low profile is approved for installation in public spaces, ensuring maximum accessibility for people with mobility challenges.

System details:

  • PLACARD VS 65” -1500nit series screens
  • ADA compliant
  • Indoor / outdoor product
  • Triptych configuration
  • Sealed against dust and water ingress suitable for station deployment

The digital signage network will include a totally new Triptych configuration, which synchronises content across 3, side-by-side, portrait displays.

The Placard VS is today's latest derivative of a new thermal management solution within a slim IP56 environmentally sealed housing. It utilises reliable conduction cooling technology eliminates filters and maintenance and allows for a completely weather sealed display.

Praevar’s innovative new mounting system significantly reduces installation time and allows for the display to be swung out for rear access if necessary, whilst maintaining the ADA requirement of 4” maximum depth.

The system roll out is scheduled for completion in August 2023.

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