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Cutting edge displays announced for Denver Transit Authority

Denver, June 2023

New digital displays for RTD  (Regional Transit District) Denver will expand cost effective digital information and signage throughout Denver.

published: 01 Jun 2023


Ground works have commenced on a new network of 130 digital displays forthe RTD in Denver, expanding digital information and signage through-out Denver.

The new display system will reduce operating costs through remote monitoring and simplified servicing protocols whilst upgrading the information and display system.

The Denver Transit Authority display system details:

  • 130 Praevar Placard VP series display units
  • 2500 nit sunlight readable technology
  • 75” and 55” displays
  • Wall mounted and free standing double-sided configurations
  • Robust IP56 units certified against dust and water ingress.

The Praevar Placard is today's latest derivative of a new thermal management solution within a slim IP56 environmentally sealed housing. Utilizing reliable heat pipe technology eliminates filters and maintenance and allows for a completely weather sealed display.

 The Denver system is expected to go live in the summer of 2023.

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