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Houston City Center goes live with Praevar display system

Houston, May 2023

Sunlight readable displays light up the streets in Houston mall complex

published: 17 May 2023

Young woman walking past a Placard 75 Houston CityCentre.jpg

A new system of Praevar Placard VP displays has lit up the Houston City Center mall in the heart of Houston. The Houston City Center is a 50 acre mixed use mall complex on the west side of downtown Houston, counting over 15,000 visitors per day.

The new advertising display system is eye-catching day and night. It features new, extremely bright, 2500 nit sunlight readable units designed to stand out even in the midday glare.

About the system:

  • 38 Placard VP75 displays
  • 75” slim format 2500 nit sunlight readable units
  • Double-sided free-standing kiosks and additional wall-mounted displays
  • Resistant to solar loading and high temperature environments
  • Sealed against dust and water ingress
  • Rated IP56

The Praevar Placard series is built with today's latest derivative of a new thermal management solution within a slim IP56 environmentally sealed housing. Utilizing reliable heat pipe technology eliminates filters and maintenance and allows for a completely weather sealed display.

There are 38 Placard VP displays throughout the complex, which includes double sided free standing kiosks as well as wall mounted units.

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