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IKE | Cleveland


Prevar, chosen by IKE Smart City for their consulting and engineering  experience with Civiq Smartscapes and LINK NYC

IKE Smart City

Cleveland| Ohio | USA

Outdoor Smart City installation
Project : Summer 2019

Smart Beginnings


Praevar was chosen by IKE Smart City based on their consulting and engineering  experience with Civiq Smartscapes and LINK NYC.  Praevar  designed and build the IKE new age pillar display kiosks for wayfinding and city communication systems for the digital age

IKE pillar group Cleveland Render

Digital Interactive Kiosks

Large format free-standing pillar displays for sidewalk installation in City Urban Cores, The 8-foot-tall touchscreen structures allow users to find local attractions, events, bus routes, directions, restaurants and more.

Each double-sided kiosk, running the IKE software applications suite is equipped with security cameras to help improve neighborhood safety. They will also offer users the ability to contact 911 whilst providing Free WI-FI and analytics including pedestrian and vehicle traffic counts.

As part of my Safe Smart CLE initiative, the City of Cleveland is providing several new technologies that will help enhance the resident and visitor experience,
The new kiosks are just one of the ways we are working to ensure new investments and capital improvements provide opportunities for all citizens to have greater digital access.

Mayor Frank G. Jackson.

IKE installed and maintained the network funded by advertising revenue at no cost to the City or Cleveland residents.

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Incorporated Technologies

  • LED Backlit vinyl posters
  • Interactive touch screen
  • Emergency call feature
  • Battery backup
  • Scrolling LED message tickers
  • Security cameras
Cleveland IKE Backlit Vinyl Poster

About IKE

IKE is a breakthrough citizen engagement platform that helps cities, business improvement districts and destination marketing organizations communicate with the public, encourage a pedestrian-oriented environment and tell the story of their city. IKE Smart City was formed to develop and operate the premiere urban touchscreen interactive kiosk platform with the goal of building a wayfinding and city communication system for the digital age and delivering it in a self-sustaining business model, requiring no investment from cities. IKE launched in Denver and is currently expanding to other cities nationwide.


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