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About IKE Smart City

IKE is a venture of Orange Barrel Media, a leader in the development and operation of urban media nationwide. Since 2004, OBM has been enhancing communities from an aesthetic and economic perspective by designing, constructing and implementing innovative media experiences that add to the character of urban places. Integral to OBM’s success is the high value placed on developing projects that balance public and private objectives to deliver value throughout communities.

Smart Beginnings


IKE Smart City launched in Denver with the goal of building a wayfinding and city communication system for the digital age and delivering it in a self-sustaining business model, requiring no investment from cities. Today, we’re scaling the platform nationwide.

Growing Success


Cities, BID’s, DMO’s and other stakeholders choose IKE because of our superior platform, business model and vertically-integrated team that handles all aspects of operation in-house. This structure allows us to invest in continuously innovating and evolving the IKE platform to advance the goals of cities now and in the future.

Large format free-standing pillar displays for sidewalk installation in City Urban Cores

Interactive screens running the IKE software applications suite.

Emergency call button with voice contact.

Backlit map panel and information.

Street Banner Advertising Displays

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IKE 1.jpg (1)
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A range of supporting technologies are incorporated:

  • LED Backlit vinyl posters
  • Interactive touch screen
  • Emergency call feature
  • Battery backup
  • Scrolling LED message tickers
  • Security cameras

PODIUM Platform Displays

This enclosure is a custom derivative of the current Praevar PODIUM direct-air-cooled system.

More Case Studies

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