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Out-of-Home advertising encompasses digital and static panels carrying advertising across every urban outdoor environment.


Continuous innovation within the medium allows OOH to meet a broader range of communication goals.
Beyond the established strength of rapid broadcast coverage, the growing penetration of the medium in the urban environment has resulted in an ability to offer more tightly targeted messaging.
Growing urbanization, increasing digitization and accelerating technological innovation within the sector, means Out-of-Home communicates faster, more effectively, with greater flexibility, and increasingly benefits from a more reliable accountability.
Out-of-home advertising offers a brand safe environment, with unparalleled viewability
A Nielsen study showed that DOOH provides the highest rate of online activation per dollar of any offline media. With the addition of data feeds, video, and programmatic capabilities, digital out-of-home is an unbeatable offering.
Motion images capture the attention of outdoor audiences even better, in fact digital ads are twice as likely to be seen and are 2.5 times more impactful than static OOH ads, according to a 2019 study in the UK; furthermore, ad tech developments are also helping more and more brands work within the channel.
Information captured from phones is now being anonymised by carriers and data vendors who then sell it to media owners
Data is then used to offer information directly to specific demographic groups – for example “business travelers”  who walk past the ad. 
Adding this data to other insights, such as traffic or weather data, can better localize DOOH media content so that "an ad at one London bus stop may offer very different results from another unit located in a different part of the City”

According to PwC in the UK

"DOOH advertising is overtaking traditional OOH for the first time” and thanks to the rise of programmatic DOOH, outdoor ads are fast transitioning from static messaging towards automated, dynamic experiences.

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