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All the support you need in one place.

We offer a comprehensive range of design and program management services, customized to your requirement.

Technical documentation & support for our product platforms. Drawings, models and manuals that show you what we build & how to use it.

Integrated device specification & customization. Available choices of what to select and how to install it within our systems.

Design is an Art

To conceive or fashion in the mind, invent, and to formulate a plan.

Engineering is a Science

The application of scientific and mathematical principles to practical ends such as the design, manufacture, and operation of efficient and economical structures, machines, processes, and systems.

Development is a Process

The first act of the designer is to establish his place in the process, some steps may already be undertaken, the process may be partially complete, steps may need to be revised or repeated.

Product Documentation

A range of pdf download data sheets and illustrated guides to our standard platform products.


General Assembly and dimensional layouts.


Field Assembly, shipping and installation guidelines.


Maintenance and Operation instructions.

Expert Insight & Experience

The principals have significant experience in understanding the business models associated with these types of deployments as well as the importance of security and citizen engagement.

Leading Industry authorities are on-hand to discuss actual deployments and considerations when planning and operating a connected City, with project and product references across many associated markets, we can provide proven consultation professionals across many areas of expertise.

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