PRA-004-006-004 | Praevar

Podium DS75 DD

Outdoor Free-standing Display System


  • High brightness LCD display
  • Direct Air Cooled without AC
  • Impact Resistant Glass

Podium 1340 DS75 DD

Podium displays are rugged outdoor digital display systems, with dual integrated 75” 3000nit LED backlit LCD displays, this freestanding unit can be configured to suit many interactive & display applications, ProCAP multi-touch fascias are available as an option.

This 1340mm wide enclosure system is portrait 3:2 aspect ratio format based upon our SKD Display Module, with independently accessed fascias, it matches the dimensional requirement of a 6-sheet poster display.

A range of playback, network and peripheral devices may be selected according to required specification and region, the system supports remote reporting via network connection.

Exploded System Assembly
Exploded System Assembly

System Modularity

The design of all our display systems uses the strategy of integrated technology & equipment modules, built within discreet chassis trays, for connection to a main cable harness within the enclosure. All modules are field replaceable individually, to maximise operational uptime.

The system allows field upgrade and expansion, within the physical confines of the external skin and ID of the enclosure.

LCD panels from the tier 1 manufacturers are supported, in a range of luminance, for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Display cassettes hinge to allow fast & easy access to equipment modules positioned behind them, fascia panels can have a projective capacitive [PCT] foil added to the inside of their cover glass to make them interactive.

Where possible technology components are open-source and available locally from multiple sources through distribution.

Transit Shelter Installation
Transit Shelter Installation

Integrate with Street Furniture

This format of Digital Out-of-Home Display system is designed specifically to replace the international standard 2 sq.m or 6-sheet static poster utilized within street furniture networks across the globe.  A 75" diagonal LCD screen used in portrait is dimensionally the closest in height and width within a 16:9 aspect ratio.

As an all-in-one enclosed solution, it can be retro-fitted within existing real-estate to improve revenue generation, without significant disruption of infrastructure or complicated civil engineering works.

These systems incorporate maximum flexibility, supporting many open source devices to be fitted internally and with expansion capability for future Iot technology. Power management enables connection to standard available AC circuits, safety and operation meet all applicable structural and electrical standards. Modular cassette based sub-assemblies ensures future-proof adaptability to meet long term contract specifications. 



High Brightness, Direct Air Cooling, Impact Resistant Glass, Weather Resistant to IP56
Multimedia Kiosk
Environmental Management
Direct Air Cooled, Sensor Driven Self-Governing, Two Stage Filtration
Street Furniture, Digital-out-of-Home, Transit
Display Size
3000 nits
CE, CCC, C-Tick

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