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Retail & Commercial

The latest innovations in retail advertising involve digital display integrating layered applications and services.

Retail & Commercial

The latest innovations in retail advertising involve digital display integrating layered applications and services. Today’s retailers are having to prioritize the technologies needed to adapt to newly emerging consumer shopping behaviors.

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Static Print to Fluid Digital

Print is becoming a rarity. We now see retailers, from department store operators and brands with big, flashy flagships to local small business owners adopting digital display over print.

Street facing screens in windows reach out to entice customers. Digital displays over traditional print empower businesses to reach goals to increase customer numbers, increase brand awareness, increase sales and improve the shopper experience.

43" Kiosk in shopping center

Rapid Adaptable Information Delivery Systems

Networked digital displays facilite blisteringly fast media delivery. Content is limited only by imagination.  Marketing campaigns can run for months or minutes driven by agnostic content management systems.

Displays can provide up to the minute, real-time sales driving information such as stock levels and timely special offers.

In addition to marketing, smart screens can inform and direct. During the pandemic, early adopters of digital displays used the technology to safely steward store access and manage queues. Digital displays were commonly used to reinforce social distancing and communicate relevant changes such as face covering policies. Screens also minimized staff-to-shopper contact and enabled new types of shopping, like mobile order-ahead and curbside pickup.

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Shelf edge & Bar Displays

On-premise digital tools previously seen as enhancements have become mission-critical. Suddenly, retailers have customers who are as concerned about health safety inside the store as they are about product selection and price.

The in-store portion of the buyer’s journey has become digital, and retail businesses are using networked digital display screens to progress their digital transformation. Retail settings offer “moments” for consumers, each of which can be met with digital signage to complement the experience. 

From the store front campaign to the price displayed on a digital shelf edge display, network digital displays entice, inform, and accompany the customer journey from peeked interest to product purchase.

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